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East meets West in this spicy combo platter of Asian, American, and British rock. Trust us, we don't go light on the chili - this music will tingle your rock taste buds! We'll toss in classic hard rock sets from the late '60s - early '70s, sauté a few adrenaline-flowing East Asian rock anthems, and sprinkle some fresh punk-spice to bust your gut. Join Sous-Chef Julia "Child" and Josh "The Rock Gastronomist" as they dish-out large servings of MSG-infused melodies and recipes.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Songs of 2000-2010

On March 19:

We're gonna do a best of the last 10 years (fake decade) show that we probably should have done weeks ago. Rock music only. If anyone out there (anyone? anyone at all? hello?) feel free to reply with what you think are the best songs from 2000-2010. Maybe some of your shit will make our play list. Just maybe!

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  1. You guys never post stuff on the site anymore, sad!